Korppoo - skärgårdskarta

Korppoo - Archipelago of Turku

situated in the town of Parainen - Pargas 1*).

For centuries Korppoo was situated in the absolute center of the Swedish kingdom. That depended on sea transports.

The Korppoo church, erected in the 14th and 15th centuries, remind us about this.

The numerous sea routes crossing the Korppoo region made up a vital nerve system for the Swedish kingdom. In the course of time it became necessary to have people running pilotage services and beacons. The economical significance of the sea. 

During the period of time when Finland was part of the Russian empire the Korppoo region gained a status of strategic military importance.

1*). The town of Parainen - Pargas is the “largest” archipelago town in the world , when five municipalities (Parainen, Nauvo, Korppoo, Houtskari and Iniö) in Finland became one in 1.1.2009. With more than 10 000 islands and islets.

Restaurants - Accommodation

Restaurant Buffalo

Restaurant Buffalo

Extraordinary menu in the archipelago. Music evenings. We guarantee "probably the Best Meat on Bones". We have specialized in serving baby back ribs. Phone 358(0)2 463 1600. Ravintola Buffalo Korppoo

Hjalmars Restaurant - Pub

Hjalmars Restaurant

Korppoo. Address: Stabshuset, Kauppamiehentie 1, Korppoo. Phone. 358-2-4631202

Archipelago Centre Korpoström

Archipelago Centre Korpoström

Korppoo. Hotel, restaurant, harbour. Address: Korpoströms-vägen 832, 21720 Korpoström. Phone: 358 400 599 319

Rumar strand Korppoo

Hotel-Restaurant Rumar Strand

Korppoo. Address: Rumar strand Rumarintie 694, Korppoo. Phone: 358-45-1133505

BMA-Cafe - Korppoo

CapHorn BMA-Cafe - Korppoo

Korppoo. Address: Handelsmansvägen 6,  Korppoo. Phone: 358-2-4631 033

Hotel Nestor Korpo

Hotel Nestor & Restaurant Back Pocket

Korppoo. Address: Österretaisvägen 45, Korppoo. Phone: Hotel: 358 400 601 280, Restaurant: 358-40-6211166 and  358-40-1403113


DAG-15 Korppoo

DAG 15.  B&B och Café. Korppoontie 2. KORPPOO. Phone: 358-45-8095000 and  358-400-557601

Wattkast cottages

Wattkast cottages

Wattkast - Korppoo. Brita Söderlund. Address: Nyckelanginpolku 9-35, Korppoo. e-mail: brita(at)wattkast.fi .Phone: 358(0)400826840

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