Fishing in Finland !

Luxury villa in Turku Archipelago!
Price list - Spring time 2014.
Boat for fishing and villa Constantine


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Islands in the National Park


Guest house of Backaro
island of Nötö. Hotel, B & B, guided tours. Read more...


Aspö Service - phone +358-40-7667092


Berghamn. Metsähallitus Info about Berghamn.

Jurmo - Nature, erecreation, accommodation.


Utö - sales, sightseeing, accommodation, restaurant.

Adventures and Safaris

myKayak. Vi är specialister på havskajaker, aktiviteter och undervisning.

Lenas Sightseeing. Rundturer i Åbo med omnejd med en auktoriserad guide.


Saaristoseikkailu - Kasnäs Sailing Oy.
Phone: +358-40-8499282
Aavameri Open-Air Adventures / seakayaking
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skiing tours
hiking tours
theme excursions
Phone: +358-40-7350025
RIB SAFARIT - Kasnäs Water Sport Oy
Phone: +358-45-638 4751

The sailing yacht Eugenia
Phone: +358-440-427862

Bjärkas Golf
Golf Resort & Country Club
Phone: +358-440-300877


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Restaurant Buffalo in Korpo

Lodging House of Backaro - B and B - fishing - boat rentals

Cottages in the island of Berghamn- sport fishing - boat rentals - beautiful nature

Rent a cottage in the island of Berghamn

Pensar syd - restaurant - hotel - apartments - cottage

PIPS - Piikiö football association

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