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Find sustainable nature tourism in the Archipelago

Archipelago National Park

South of the islands Pargas, Nagu, Korpo and Houtskär begin the extensive national park area.

Flora and fauna in the park is both common and unique. Beautiful wooded meadows, which in particular is from Boskär in the west and on Yxskär in the east, as well as the terminal moraine and ground rocks formed during the Ice Age, is a typical example of the archipelago landscape.

The map published with the permission of National Land Survey of Finland 2007

Archipelago National Park

There are limited possibilities to reach the National Park by regular vessels – e.g. to the island of Jungfruskär or to some other of the thousands of islands. We cooperate however with taxi-boats operators in the area. So we are able to arrange for you a comfortable and unique experience, according to your timetable and wishes.

The archipelago accommodation is perfectly located for nature tours to the Archipelago National park area along with a large stretch of the coastline. The archipelago is known as the "Archipelago of Turku",


Excursion to the Unesco biosphere area - the island of Jungfruskär in the National Park. Along the 3-km-long nature trail in the island of Jungfruskär you will see the oldest traditional landscape area of the National Park. There is a project in Jungfruskär focusing on development of sustainable nature tourism.

Metsähallitus excursion map

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