The island of Jungfruskär - Excursions to the Unesco biosphere Reserve

Jungfruskär is a group of islands, located in the middle of the sound Kihti, about 15 M from Korppoo island.

Jungfruskär is a part of the Finnish municipality Parainen/ Pargas town. The islands of Jungfruskär are located near several busy channels and have provided shelter for many seafarers through the centuries. According to old tales, one of the islands was also home to a seafarers' tavern during the Swedish rule. Today, ancient monuments from several epochs constitute proof that Jungfruskär once was a "maritime centre of culture" (Westerdahl C, 1980)


Natural trail.

Excursion to the Unesco biosphere area - the island of Jungfruskär in the National Park. Along the 3-km-long nature trail in the island of Jungfruskär you will see the oldest traditional landscape area of the National Park. There is a project in Jungfruskär focusing on development of sustainable nature tourism.

Photo Destination Finland Seaside Kb - © All rights reserved

Photo Destination Finland Seaside Kb - © All rights reserved

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