Welcome to the archipelago of Turku in southwestern Finland. Here you can choose between restaurants, eating-out restaurants, guesthouses, Cafe', catering, kiosk and other affordable eateries

Restaurants in Korppoo

Restaurant Buffalo

Restaurant Buffalo

Extraordinary menu in the archipelago. Music evenings. We guarantee "probably the Best Meat on Bones". We have specialized in serving baby back ribs. Phone 358(0)2 463 1600. Restaurant Buffalo

Hjalmars Restaurant - Pub

Hjalmars Restaurant

Korppoo. Address: Stabshuset, Kauppamiehentie 1, Korppoo. Phone. 358-2-4631202

Archipelago Centre Korpoström

Archipelago Centre Korpoström

Korppoo. Hotell, Meetings, Harbour and Restaurant. Address: Korpoströms-vägen 832, 21720 Korpoström. Phone: 358 400 599 319

Rumar strand Korppoo

Hotel- Restaurant Rumar Strand

Korppoo. Address: Rumar strand Rumarintie 694, Korppoo. Phone: 358-45-1133505

BMA-Cafe - Korppoo

CapHorn BMA-Cafe - Korppoo

Korppoo. Address: Handelsmansvägen 6,  Korppoo. Phone: 358-2-4631 033

Hotel Nestor

Hotel Nestor & Restaurant Back Pocket

Korppoo. Address: Österretaisvägen 45, Korppoo. Phone: Hotel: 358 400 601 280, Restaurant: 358-40-6211166 and  358-40-1403113


DAG-15 Korppoo

DAG 15.  B&B and Café. Korppoontie 2. KORPPOO. Phone:   358-45-8095000 and  358-400-557601

Restaurants in Nauvo

Guesthouse of Backaro

The Guesthouse of Backaro - Nötö

Nötö. Accommodation, B & B. Address: Nötö   Archipelago National Park. Phone: 358(0)50 3603029. 

Hotel Stallbacken

Hotel Stallbacken & Grännäs B & B

Nauvo. Hotel - Restaurant - B&B. Address: Grännäsvägen 14, FIN-21660 Nagu. Phone: 358-(0)40-4866822

 Restaurant L´Escale

Restaurant L´Escale

Our menu is inspired by the French kitchen. Restaurant L'Escale was founded in 1987 and is located in the harbor of Nauvo. HAPPENINGS: Najaden, After-Sail-Bar, Pizzeria. Address: Nagustrand 4, 21660 Nagu. Phone: 358-40-744 1744 

Marthas Inn - a romantic Inn

Marthas Inn - a romantic Inn

Nauvo. Hotel - Restaurant - B&B. Martha - a romantic Inn in the heart of the Archipelago. Accommodation and table reservations.  Address: Kirkkovalli 6, 21660 Nauvo.   phone. 358-2-465 1409 

Strandbo Hotel - Nagu

Strandbo Hotel - Nauvo

Nauvo. Hotel - Restaurant. Address: Nauvon ranta 3, Nauvo. Phone: 358-20-7332020

Restaurant & Cafe SEO - Nagu

Restaurant & Cafe SEO - Nauvo

Nauvo. Cafe - Restaurant. Address: Puistotie 1, Nauvo. Phone: 358-2-2160111

Köpmans Cafe Nauvo

Köpmans Cafe - Nauvo

Nauvo. Cafe - Restaurant. Address: Strandstigen 3, Nauvo. Phone: 041 5020290

Restaurants in Parainen

Pensar Syd

Pensar Syd

Pensar Syd. In the saunas your body and soul can relax, and why not end the day with dinner at our friendly restaurant. Stay in our cosy apartments or villas for a good nights sleep. Phone: 358-(0)40-5764976.

Kamu - Parainen

Restaurant Kamu 

Parainen - Pargas. Restaurant. Kamu - In our relaxing environment, you can enjoy the delights of the menu or enjoy a glass of wine or a beer.  Address: Skräbbölevägen 2, 21600 Parainen. Phone: 358-50-4524049.

Ravintola Malmen

Restaurant Malmen

Parainen.  Restaurant Malmen in Hotel Kalkstrand is located in Pargas city centre, next to Guest harbour.  Address: Strandvägen 1, 21600 Parainen.   phone. 358-20 733 2020.

Kalkholmen Terrace

Kalkholmen Terrace

Parainen.  Restaurant Kalkholmens Terrace is located in Pargas guest harbour.  Address: Strandvägen 1, 21600 Parainen.   phone. 358-40-5673804.

Hallonblad Café

Hallonblad Café

Parainen.  Café Hallonblad. Food and bakery products with a loving touch!  Address: Storgårdsgatan 1, 21600 Parainen.   phone. 358-45-129 6464

Sattmark Cafe

Sattmark Cafe 

Parainen. Address: Sattmark 1, Parainen. Phone: 044 9702599

Cafe Lohi

Cafe Lohi

Parainen. Café Lohi. Food, wine and pleasure: Tiina and Tommi are familiar with the secrets of the fish and processed products.   Address: Rantatie 16, 21600 Parainen.   phone. 358-2 458 4040

Pub Pireus

Pub Pireus

Kauppiaskatu 2, Pargas - Parainen. Phone: 358-2-4544720

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