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 Conference - Meetings in  Korppoo

Hjalmars ravintola

Hjalmars Restaurant

Korppoo. Address: Stabshuset, Kauppamiehentie 1, Korppoo. Phone. 358-2-4631202

Saaristokeskus Korpoström

Archipelago Centre Korpoström

Korppoo. Hotell, Meetings, Harbour and Restaurant. Address: Korpoströms-vägen 832, 21720 Korpoström. Phone: 358 400 599 319

Rumar strand Korppoo

Hotel - Restaurant Rumar Strand

Korppoo. Address: Rumar strand Rumarintie 694, Korppoo. Phone: 358-45-1133505

Hotelli Nestor

Hotel Nestor & Restaurant Back Pocket

Korppoo. Address: Österretaisvägen 45, Korppoo. Phone: Hotel: 358 400 601 280, Restaurant: 358-40-6211166 and  358-40-1403113

Conference - Meetings in Nauvo

Hotell Stallbacken

Hotel Stallbacken and Grännäs B & B

Nauvo. Hotel - Restaurant - Conference & Meetings. Address: Grännäsvägen 14. Nagu. Phone: 358-(0)40-4866822

 Restaurant L´Escale

Restaurant L´Escale

Our menu is inspired by the French kitchen. Restaurant L'Escale was founded in 1987 and is located in the harbor of Nauvo. HAPPENINGS: Najaden, After-Sail-Bar, Pizzeria. Address: Nagustrand 4, 21660 Nagu. Phone: 358-40-744 1744

Gästgiveri Martha

Marthas Inn - a romantic Inn

Nauvo. Hotel - Restaurant - B&B. Martha - a romantic Inn in the heart of the Archipelago. Accommodation and table reservations.  Address: Kirkkovalli 6, 21660 Nauvo.   phone. 358-2-465 1409

Köpmans Cafe Nauvo

Köpmans Cafe - Nauvo

Nauvo. Cafe - Restaurang. Address: Strandstigen 3, Nauvo. Phone: 041 5020290

Majatalo Backaro Nauvo

The Guesthouse of Backaro - Nötö

Nötö. Stay, meetings. Address: Nötö. Phone: 358(0)50 3603029

Strandbo otel

Strandbo Hotel

Nauvo. Hotel - Restaurant - Meetings. Address: Nauvon ranta 3, Nauvo. Phone: 358-20-7332020

Pensar Syd

Pensar Syd

Hotel, cottages, restaurant, meetings. Address: Pensar Ängvik 181. Nauvo. Phone: 358-(0)40-5764976.

Conference - Meetings in Parainen

Airisto Spa

Airisto Spa - Conference - Meetings and events.

Airisto Spa relaxing Spa. We are the ideal choice for small group meetings and consultations. A spectacular setting right on the beach is an experience in itself.  Read more...

Map: Airisto Spa - Parainen

Kamu - Parainen

Restaurant Kamu 

Parainen. Ravintola Kamu.  Address: Skräbbölentie 2, 21600 Parainen,  phone. 358-50 4524049

Ravintola Malmen

Restaurant Malmen

Parainen.  Hotel Kalkstrandin yhteydessä toimiva Ravintola Malmen sijaitsee meren rannalla.  Address: Rantatie 1, 21600 Parainen.   phone. 358-20 733 2020.

Hotel Kalkstrand
Parainen. Conference - Meetings. Phone: +358-2-5116 200

Mindes Restaurant
Parainen. Conference - Meetings.  Phone: +358-50-3820392

Airisto Strand Hotel
Parainen. Conference - Meetings. Phone: +358-2-4581300

Hotel Kalkstrand
Parainen. Conference - Meetings. Phone: +358-2-5116 200

Kasnäs Archipelago Spa
Kasnäs. Conference - Meetings. Phone: +358-2-5210100


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