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The cottages of Berghamn

Traveltime ( If you are going by car):

From Helsinki: drive by freeway nr 1 from Helsinki (or from Turku) to KAARINA (a suburb 10 km east from Turku). From Kaarina drive road nr:180 "Archipelago road" to the island of Korpo. The travel time from Helsinki to Kaarina is approximately 2 hours.

From Turku to Kaarina (a suburb 10 km east from Turku), traveltime from Turku to Kaarina 30 minutes - From Kaarina drive the Archipelago road (road nr: 180) - the island of KORPO for reaching the white ferry m/s Fiskö (departure from Korpo to the island of Berghamn). In Summertime the ferry afternoon departures are from the island of Houtskari (harbour Kittuis) to Berghamn.

The distance is about 85 km from Kaarina to island Korpo/harbor Verkan. You need at least 2 hours from Kaarina to the island of Korpo/Verkan ( it will take about 1,5 to 2 hours in good trafic-conditions but in summer time (high season) maybe you need more time (for waiting time in the queue to the yellow ferries).

Travel time from Helsinki to Kaarina is approximately 2 hours.

Road directions.

If you are going by car you can drive by freeway nr 1 from Helsinki (or from Turku) to "KAARINA" (a suburb 10 km east from Turku). Drive from Kaarina (road no:180) through the islands of PARGAS and NAGU to the island of KORPO. You will find the "white" ferry m/s Fiskö in the harbour Verkan on the island of KORPO.

From Helsinki ---> take freeway nr 1 (to Turku). After about 155 kilometers from helsinki drive off from Freeway 1 and --> take road no:180 to Kaarina/Pargas/Parainen/Nagu/Korpoo (the Archipelago route). Drive through the island /Pargas/Parainen, still on road no 180, until you reach the first yellow ferry from PARGAS to NAGU , drive across the Nagu island until you reach the next yellow ferry, still on road no 180. Drive through island Korpo to the harbor VERKAN. From harbor Verkan in island KORPO you can find the white ferry m/s Fiskö.

From September (winter time table) you will find the white ferry m/s Fiskö also in the island of Houtskar (Houtskär). In this case you must choice a yellow ferrry connection from the island of Korpo/ harbour Galtby (please study the map below) to the island of Houtskari (Houtskär) :

how big is the island of Berghamn? - Is there a small village, are there other cottages? Berghamn is a very small village and you can find three houses with constant living families there and there is also in about 10 holiday cottages. Explore the map of the island of Berghamn and see the cottage area below:



- on which Island is the next market/supermarket, where we can buy food and drink? Or is it better to buy all the stuff for the week already before we arrive in Turku Archipelago?

There is no shops in Berghamn. Bring enough food and drinks to Berghamn to make it comfortable for you the first day(s). From Berghamn you can order your food stuffs by your phone to "Korpo Handel” (food shop) located in the island of Korpo the village "Korpo Kyrkby". Explore the map below of the island of Korpo and see where the shop of Korpo Handel is situated.


From your cottage in Berghamn You can normaly phone your order to "Korpo Handel” in the island of Korpo and they will arrange delivery of food and drinks, etc by the white ferry m/s Fiskö (from the island Korpo to the landing pier in the island of Berghamn (the cottage area). They will send your bill with the delivery (you can pay the bill in a bank or postoffice when leaving the archipelago).

Following cottages has deep fridge (freeze box) in the kitchen: The cottage of Simonsholm and the cottage of Bengtas,


On your way ( road nr 180) from island Pargas to island Korpo. You can find supermarkets on your way through the island Pargas (still on road 180 ). You can find "K-market " on your left hand in about 200 meters before (the only one) traffic circle in PARGAS (still on road 180), and the next one "S-Market on the right hand from the traffic circle in Pargas (turn to the right to "S-market"in the trafic circle) - you can see both supermarkets from your car on your way to the trafic circle. It`s also easy to park your car in both supermarkets.

You can also find supermarkets nearby Turku.


- are the cottages riachable by car ?


you can reach the cottage of Simonsholm-, Bengtas-, Krokskötudden -and the cottage of Farmors cottages by car on the island of Berghamn. The cottage owner will meet you on your arrival to Berghamn and escort you to your cottage.


- How about yellow ferries (ferries from Pargas – Nagu – Korpo – Houtskär)?


the yellow ferries are free (large spacious ferries from the island of PARGAS to the island of NAGU – KORPO - HOUTSKÄR). The yellow ferries have 2 - 4 tours every hour in daytime (6 AM to approx 8 PM). After 8 P.M you can find 1 - 3 tours/hour. After midnight you can find 1 tour per hour.


- How about public transports (Bus from Turku – Korpo – Turku)?


>>> link to public transports



- The white ferry "m/s Fiskö". Transportation from the island of Korpo to the island of Berghamn:


>>> link to the white ferry m/s Fiskö timetables


- is there a shower next to the sauna or do we have to jump in the sea?


You can make hot and cold water in the sauna and take a "shower by the Finnish way". Our bathing facility is "Finnish Sauna". Finnish sauna will gives better results than ordinary shower in the procedure of "cleaning yourself".

Read more information about Finnish sauna


In Simonsholm-, Bengtas and Krokskötudde cottages you will find electrical sauna-and water-heating devises, for producing hot and cold water for mixing your bathing-water. In the cottages of Farmors and Högholm you will find wood burning Sauna ande water-heating devices. You can combine your sauna-bath with "jumping in the sea" (normaly we have nice water-temperature in July/August and always clean and fresh water around the islands of Berghamn. After your bath on sea you can go back to the sauna and make it comfortable for you.


- are there other possibilities for transportation to /from Berghamn ?


It´s also possible to order a "watertaxi" from the island of Korpo to your own cottage pier. The Watertaxi m/s Mira is a highspeed wessel and have space for 11 persons including lugage. The price for one way is approx 160 euro. The trip from Berghamn to Korpo ( f.ex) will take 25 minutes. This alternativ can maybe give you nescesary timespace in traficproblems, stops for shoping etc, which will slowing down your timetable...


- is there something else important, we have to bring with us? Have we something forgotten?


You can reach the island Berghamn with a car. You must make a reservation for your car on the ferry ( M/S Fiskö) from Korpo to Berghamn.

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