Sauvo, Dragsfjärd, Kemiö and Västanfjärd, Kasnäs

Kartta Kimito

The most beautiful road in the archipelago leads to Kasnäs Cape where the sea and the land meet.

In Dragsfjärd unforgettable experiences are offered by visits to old ironworks, manor houses, a congress hotel by the sea and even a hotel in a lighthouse out in the sea.

In the south-eastern part of the archipelago is Kimito-island, the largest island in Finland' s coastal waters.

Visitors will encounter rich culture, music, handicrafts, attractive places, and all of them surrounded by the lush green inner islands or the treeless rocky outer islands.

Meripesä Fishing

Archipelago Life - Package

Meripesä Holidays in Kimito. Period mid June to mid August 2017 for 1-4 persons, 4 nights. Stay in a 65 m2 loghouse 60m from the sea. Take a boattrip around the Islands and enjoy the wievs. Maybe you will meet a sea Eagle. You will feel the “silence” and the start of a new seaday. In the end of July the forests are full of Blueberries, hope you like it.


Hotel Kasnäs Archipelago Spa

Kasnäs. HOTEL and SPA, RESTAURANT, Guest harbour, Caravan. Accommodation. Address: Kasnäsintie 1294 Kasnäs. Phone: 358-2-5210100

Kasnäs Ravintola

Kasnäs Restaurant

Kasnäs. Restaurant KASNÄS PAVILJONG, Address: Kasnäsintie 1294 Kasnäs. Phone: 358-2-5210100

ÖRÖ - Skärgårdskompaniet

ÖRÖ island - Skärgårdskompaniet

ÖRÖ. To Do, Harbour, Restaurant, Rooms. Info. Accommodation: 358 46 563 5207. Restaurant: 358 45 613 3940

HakkisHerkku - Sauvo

HakkisHerkku Oy

Café - Restaurant - Party & Conference. Address: Timperintie 3-3. 21570 Sauvo. Phone. +358-45-677 2252


Merirantala Holidays - Sauvo Karuna

The island of Sauvo - Karuna. The seaside cottages are suitable and well equipped and create the perfect stay for a successful holiday. 


Meripesä Holidays - Kemiö Kimito

The island of Kemiö. Beautiful surrounding by the sea with a distance of only 50 meters to the sandy beach,

Storfinnhovda Gård
Kemiö - Björkboda. Accommodation. Phone: 358-2-424203

Vestlax Mellangård
Kemiö. Accommodation. Phone:  358-50-5621247

Bjärkas Gård Ab
Kemiö. Accommodation. Phone 358-2-427 011

Peti & Puuro
Kemiö. Bed & Breakfast. Accommodation. Phone: 358-40-5050912

Ragnar Anton Semesterby
Kemiö. Accommodation. Phone: 358-50525348

The sailing yacht Eugenia
Kemiö. The sailing yacht Eugenia. Phone: 358-440-427862

Bjärkas Golf. Golf Resort & Country Club
Kimito. Phone: 358-440-300877

RIB SAFARIT - Kasnäs Water Sport Oy
Kasnäs. Phone: 358-45-638 4751


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