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Korppoo - Archipelago of Turku

situated in the town of Parainen - Pargas 1*).

Visit Korpo - Turku Archipelago

For centuries Korppoo was situated in the absolute center of the Swedish kingdom. That depended on sea transports.

The Korppoo church, erected in the 14th and 15th centuries, remind us about this.

The numerous sea routes crossing the Korppoo region made up a vital nerve system for the Swedish kingdom. In the course of time it became necessary to have people running pilotage services and beacons. The economical significance of the sea. 

During the period of time when Finland was part of the Russian empire the Korppoo region gained a status of strategic military importance.

1*). The town of Parainen - Pargas is the “largest” archipelago town in the world , when five municipalities (Parainen, Nauvo, Korppoo, Houtskari and Iniö) in Finland became one in 1.1.2009. With more than 10 000 islands and islets.




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Korppoo - Korpo | Restaurants, Accommodation Hotels, B & B, Shopping | Harbour


Strömma Gård Cottages - Korpo

Strömma Gård Cottages - Well-equipped cottages by Långviken's scenic beach in Korpo. Experience the archipelago all year round!
Our three cottages are well equipped and heated all year round for a comfortable stay so you can experience the archipelago in all seasons. 
Address: Vikgrund 84-88, 21710 Korppoo. 
Contacts: +358 (0)40 7755 830, info@strommagard.fi
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Yearly basis
Storage for boats between 4 and 10 m
Långviken provides a naturally protected harbor.

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From Strömma, there is easy access to the entire southwestern part of Finland's archipelago! If you want to get to Utö, Jungfruskär, Åvensor, or anywhere in between, we are at your service! Our boats are well suited for the conditions of the archipelago, and will take you safely from port to port. Our season lasts as long as the water is ice-free.
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Strömma Gård is a modern rural business with a wide range of possible services. We sell dry firewood, small tractors and contractor services. Contact us for more information!
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LOCATION • Vikgrund 84-88, 21710 Korppoo.

3 km from the village of Korpo, which has a well-stocked grocery store, local restaurants, a post office, shops, a pharmacy, bus stops and a church.
Pargas 60 km / Turku and its railway station and airport 90 km / Helsinki/Vantaa 230 km

Hotel Nestor

Hotel Nestor & Restaurant Back Pocket

Österretaisvägen 45, Korppoo.

Fafas Bed & Breakfast

FAFFAS Bed & Breakfast

Österretaisvägen 23, KORPO.


Archipelago Centre - Korpoström

Hotel - Harbour - Restaurant - Conference - Shop. Address: Korpoströms-vägen 832, Korpoström. Korpo. Phone booking: +358-40 139 12 18 . Email: visit@skargardscentrum.fi

Amaloias hem - Korpo

Amalias hem - Korpo

Adress: Mäntymäentie 2, 21710 Korpo

Restaurant Buffalo

Korppoo. Extraordinary menu in the archipelago. Music evenings. We guarantee "probably the Best Meat on Bones". We have specialized in serving baby back ribs. Address: Kabeluddsvägen 2.
Phone 358(0)2 463 1600. www.ravintolabuffalo.com
JJ's Pizzeria www.facebook.com/JJsPizzeriaVerkan
Harbour Verkan: Phone +358(0)2 463 1610

Markomby cottages - Korpo

Markomby cottages Well-equipped cottages by Långviken's scenic beach in Korpo. Experience the archipelago all year round!
The cabins - Markomby & Matilda - are well equipped for year round and a comfortable stay.  

Contact: Mia +358 (0)400533678,
Contact 2: Inguar +358(0)504022297, email markombycabins@finlandseaside.com

Villa Markomby
Villa Markomby - Korpo

Read more: www.finlandseaside.com/...markomby

Cottage Matilda

Cottage Matilda

Read more: www.finlandseaside/...matilda

Where are we? Address: Vikgrund 84-88, 21710 Korppoo.
Distance to our cottages: 3 km from the village of Korpo which has a well stocked grocery store, local restaurants, post office, shops, pharmacy, bus stops and church.
Pargas island 60 km / Turku and its railway station and airport 90 km / Helsinki / Vantaa 230 km

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Wattkast Stugor

Address: Wattkastvägen 425, FI-21710 Korpo.

Hjalmar’s restaurant & pub

Hjalmar’s restaurant & pub

Address: Handelsmansvägen 1, Korppoo

Blomtanten - Korpo

Anna-Lenas Flower shop

Address: Korpoströmsvägen 5,21710 Korpo
Phone: +358-40 5540072
Facebook: www.facebook.com/annalenasblombutik/

Ferry Café Stella - lunch - Korppoo

Ferry Café Stella - lunch -

Hjalmar's Restaurant. Address: Hjalmar's Restaurant & Pub

BMA-Cafe - Korppoo

CapHorn BMA-Cafe

Handelsmansvägen 6,  Korppoo. 

Aspö Charter

Excursions in the archipelago - Aspö Charter

offers tours of the outer archipelago by waterbus. M / S Amanda to reach the outer islands of the route during the spring, summer and autumn. Port of departure: Address: Korpoströmintie 832. Korpoström. Phone: +358-400669865

Torikauppa Auvinen

Torikauppa Auvinen

Korpo market place - Korpo Torg, Korppoo. 

Korpo Handel

Korpo Handel - food shop

Address: Handelsmansvägen 2. KORPO. 

Bagar Bengt Korpo

Bagar Bengt - Korpo

Adress: Tallbackavägen 2, Korpo.



Address: Pakastontie 71, Korpo

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