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The Archipelago Trail:

Hotskari - Houtskär

Houtskär - Skärgårdens karta

Island of Houtskari - Houtskär in Southwest Finland 

Houtskär - is situated in the town of Parainen - Pargas *).
Houtskari is a combination of forested islands and barren outer skerries. The Jungfruskär group of islands is one of the most beautiful and mysterious in the Archipelago National Park. Alternatively you can enjoy things cultural on Houtskär, visit the district museum and the boat museum. Or you can relax and take it easy and breathe the pure island air.
Houtskari offers a wide range of tourist services as restaurants, cottage villages, fishing trips, boat trips, and cultural events. The Näsby guest harbour is centrally located. Another guest harbour will be found on Korsnabb next to the restaurant boat.
*). The town of Parainen - Pargas is the “largest” archipelago town in the world , when five municipalities (Parainen, Nauvo, Korppoo, Houtskari and Iniö) in Finland became one in 1.1.2009.

Houtskari | Restaurants - Eating out - Hotels - Accommodation 

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Mossala Island Resort

Mossala Island Resort 

Hotel - Restaurant. Address: Houtskär, MOSSALA. 

Grill Café Skagen

Grill Café Skagen

Guest harbour - Café. Address: Näsbyvägen 190, Houtskär. 

Houtskärs Gästgifveri

Houtskärs Gästgifveri

Jennis Restaurant & Houtskärs Gästgifveri. Address: Näsbyntie 189,  Houtskari. 


Kittuis Camping & Caravan

Kittuis Camping & Caravan

Caravan, café and small cabins. Address: Kittuis, Houtskari. 


Hyppeis värdshus - Houtskari

Hyppeis värdshus  - Houtskari

Accommodation - Restaurant - Events. Address: Hyppeisvägen 540, Houtskär. 

Cottages Berghamn
Houtskari. Holiday cottages, sport fishing, sauna. 
Contact: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  
Web:  www.finlandseaside.com  .

Houtskari. Lärkkulla Skärgård. 

Saariston Lömsö Ab
Houtskari. Accommodation. 

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