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Nagu island.

 Nagu Square market - Maritime exhibition

Nagu Square market place - Maritime cultural corner in the Kajuta building 2024

NAGU Maritime cultural corner in the Kajutan 2024. During the summer, Nagu's new Sjöfartshörna & Sjöfartsknut is set up with the year's current maritime events, such as e.g. this year's Tall Ships Races and an exhibition of older ship equipment, shipping pennants and blocks & hoists as well as various ships' wooden business cards, which were handed over in Nagu harbor, among other things, in connection with the Tall Ship Races. The exhibition is varied as needed, says responsible exhibitor sea ​​captain Bengt Engblom with assistance of LTCdr Navy (ret) Inguar Karlsson-Parra. WELCOME!

Situated in the town of Parainen - Pargas *). The historical sights in Nagu-Nauvo are the grey stone church from the middle ages and the Gyttja district museum.
The island of Själö is also worth -visiting. Today the Archipelago Research Institute operates from here.

The picturesque wooden church reminds us of the time when the island was a place where lepers used to be banished. Your visit will be enriched by a sales exhibition by a large number of handicraft artists and much more.

The Maritime House in Nagu has permanent exhibitions on the ground floor. The upper floor houses new exhibitions with exciting current themes. Read more. => www.pargashembygdsmuseum.fi/nagu-maritimehouse/ 

Nauvo and Gullkrona guest harbours as well as several other natural harbors offer excellent opportunities for boaters during the summer. On Nagu you can take part in fishing and canoe trips, archipelago safaris, and much more adventures offered by the lokal entrepreneurs. 

*) Nauvo island in the town of Parainen - Pargas is the “largest” archipelago town in the world, when five municipalities (Parainen, Nauvo, Korppoo, Houtskari and Iniö) in Finland became one in 1.1.2009. With more than 10 000 islands and islets.

The new pilgrim slider St Olav Waterway - S: t Olofs sjöled - Pyhän Olavin merireitti has obtained certificate as the official Olofsled in the Nordic region on December 6, 2018. The hiking trail is to go through Nagu church which is a St. Olav church. Read more ...

Nauvo Church

Nauvo Church. Kyrkvallen 1, Nauvo - Nagu.

Maritime house in Nagu

The Maritime house of Nagu 
Address: Kirkkopolku3 Nagu. Phone:
404885679. Read more =>  www.pargashembygdsmuseum.fi/


Nagu map

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Nagu Village Kyrkbacken:

Entrepeneurs nearby the Nagu centre village

eat & stay - Restaurants, accommodation, hotels, B & B, shopping - Nagu harbour - summer market square, and more...


Nagu Hotel - Restaurant HAMNKROG

Welcome to Hamn Krog in Nauvo Harbour, where Finnish archipelago cuisine gets a modern twist. Enjoy our gluten and lactose-free dishes, crafted from locally sourced ingredients, in a breathtaking setting by the sea.⚓️❤️
Home cooking from everywhere, without forgetting the island traditions. Address: Hotel Strandbo Nagu strandväg 3, 21660 Nagu, Tel:+358(0)401253580. info@hamnkrog.fi Web: www.hamnkrog.fi 

 Restaurang Hamnkrog - The restaurant is open daily from June 1 to August 15 2024.⚓️❤️

Address: Hotel Strandbo Nagu strandväg 3, 21660 Nagu, Phone: +358(0)401253580

Food Menu => Menu 

Address: Hotel Strandbo Nauvon ranta 3, 21660 Nauvo, Phone: +358(0)401253580 , info@hamnkrog.fi

Kymppi Katto

Kymppi - Katto | Roof service

Kymppi-Katto carries out home roof renovation with the best domestic roofing products. Jalo and JaloLux are the best that the Finnish steel industry produces to cover single-family houses and terraced houses. They are our exclusive products. Address (office): Emännänpolku 3, 21100 Naantali.
Contacts: Tel. (02) 4358 006, Gsm 040 0670 397, Gsm 040 7479 739. Read more...

PRAKTIA Järn & Trä - Nagu

WELCOME! We are open!

Building Materials | Home and Garden Tools, and much more
Address: Skjutbanevägen 18. 
Phone : 02-5278527 - Web
: www.praktia.com

Week days: 07.30 - 17.00 

Sat:    09.00 - 14.00 
Sun:   Closed

Stock of goods:

Read more => www.praktia.com

Köpmans Café, B&B

Köpmans Café, B&B

Cafe, B&B, Restaurant. Address: Rantapolku 3, 21660 Nauvo.

Maritime House in Nagu

The Maritime House of Nagu

Address: Kirkkopolku3 Nagu. Phone: 050-596 211


Nagu Oak Tree B&B & Café

Oak Tree B&B & Café, a large idyllic 110-year-old log house along the Archipelago Ring Road. We offer you overnight stays, an excellent breakfast, freshly ground coffee and lunch soup in the warm and charming Café.  Address: Sandnäsvägen 6, 21650 Lillandet Nagu. Welcome!

Bed & Breakfast
Read more in => Airbnb.com

Oak Tree B&B & Café
Contacts: eliisa@naguoaktree.com and phone: +358451316278. Web: www.nagubor.fi . Address: Sandnäsvägen 6, 21650 Lillandet Nagu.

Nagu Gammelgård

Gammelgård Pizza & Padel Resort

Address: Norrstrandsvägen 217, 21660 Nagu

Welcome to Minttus Bar & Kök!

WE ARE OPEN! Minttus Bar & Kök is located in Nagu, Address: Puistotie 1, Nauvo.
Contact: Minna Ohvo 050-3669842 and 040-7218854, email minttuc@hotmail.com



The best burgers in the archipelago!
Open: Monday - Saturday: 12:00 - 21:00, Sunday: 12:00 - 19:00
Bar Friday - Saturday 21:00 - 23:00. 

Read more in FB => www.facebook.com/foodfellows

Address: Parkvägen 5 Nagu, phone +358-40-1536275 


Read more in FB => www.facebook.com/foodfellows

Call us! +358-40-1536275

Restaurang L Escale

Restaurang L'Escale

Nagustrand 4, 21660 Nagu.

Nagu guest harbour


Nauvon vierasvenesatama - Harbour

Address: Rantatie 3 21660 NAUVO
Harbour master, tel. 0400552923
Business ID: 0998046-3
Webb: www.naguhamn.fi

Buoy 28€
Boardside 4€/m
Booking 8€
Daily fee 5€ / 3h (10€/3h boardside)
Read more => www.naguhamn.fi

Septic tank emptying (pump-out system)
Waste disposal
Shower & sauna
Laundry room (paid)
Diesel refueling at berth
Restaurant and café
Read more => www.naguhamn.fi


Nagu - Kayak & Sup rental

Nagu - Kayak & Sup rental

Living Archipelago. Kayak and SUP board - Padle board summer rental in Nagu guest harbour. Read more www.livingarchipelago.fi/

Gyttja cottages -Nagu

Gyttja cottages -Nagu

Seaside cottages in Nagu. 
Address: Flunderviksvägen 34, 21650 Lilllandet

Summer Fancy – Hair & Beauty

For Men & Women. Address: Parkvägen 8, Nagu. 


Jerry's Grill - Nagu

Enjoy our good burgers and barbecue food with tasty accessories. Welcome! 
TAKE AWAY! Address: 
Parkvägen 2, Nagu,


The idea of the golf range is that the golf enthusiasts will be able to easily get to a place where they practice golf. Kalle thinks it is well suited for sailors, summer guests and local residents. Address Norstrandsvägen (1 km from Nagu guest harbour) Nagu. 

Nagu pizzabåt Najaden

Najaden - Bar & Pizzeria

Address: Nagustrand 4, 21660 Nagu.


Storbåt Tacksamheten -Turku Archipelago

Our ordinary home port is Nagu, but we also operate in the whole of Turku Archipelago Sea on order.
Traditional Sailing:

- Charter-sailing for groups
- Birthdays, weddings, team-building
- St.Olav Waterway sailing trips
- Harbor cruises
Contacts: sami@tacksamheten.fi 
- Phone: +358-(0)400-799744

- #tacksamheten
Find Booking and Program in our website :

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Pirjon Rantapuodit Clothing Shop - Nagu Harbour

Address: Nagu guest harbour, Strandvägen, 21660 Nagu. 


Saker o Ting

Here you will find postal services, books, gifts, souvenirs, local handicrafts, clothes (Dress like Marie), a flea market and more. Book your own place at our flea market!
Contacts: +358(0)405406860 info@sakeroting.fi
Address: Strandstigen 1, 21660 Nauvo

Webshop: www.sakeroting.fi

Archipelago Booking of Finland 
- The Archipelago Nature School

Archipelago Booking of Finland provides the widest selection of accommodation options in the Turku archipelago area. With us, you can also book activities such as sailing trips, fishing holidays, cycling packages and much more!
Contact: Archipelago Booking of Finland Ltd, Kasnäsintie 1294, 25930 Kasnäs. Phone +358(0) 40 542 7831, email: info@saaristovaraus.fi

Archipelago Nature School. Having nature as a hobby can be great source of solace, energy and peace of mind. We have more than 20 years of experience of arranging nature camp schools for children and nature services for adults. Read more about us on our website and start a new, fulfilling hobby!
Contact: Kasnäsintie 1294, 25930 Kasnäs. Phone: +358-40 542 7831, email info@luontokoulu.fi

Design Svanhild Åbonde - Kaptensgården - Shop - B&B

Svanhild Åbonde designs unique fashion in batik. She makes the clothes partly in her atelier in Kaptensgården, Nagu and in the winter in Benin, west Africa, where she has trained local women in sewing and batik. Address: Jaggasvägen 21, 21670 Nagu (turn left from Mattnäsvägen)
Contact +358-40-7588030, or svanhild@abonde.com. Web: www.abonde.com

Nagu Storm Marin & Musto Shop

Nagu Storm Marin & Musto Shop

Nagu Storm Marin & Musto Shop. 
Address: Guest harbour Nagu. 

Lanterna Hotel - Nagu

Lanterna Hotel - Nagu

Address: Parkvägen 5, Nagu

Hotel Restaurant Stallbacken

Hotel - Conference - Events - Restaurant and B&B.
If you dream about a fresh family Hotel with a untouched beautiful nature around or you seek for a hideaway where you can relax and enjoy your staying. Then Hotel Stallbacken might be the right place for you.
Please book rooms and additionals, by the BOOK NOW-button, via our webpage link here under.
News: 2 electric or hybrid car charging sockets (type 2).
Address: Grännäsvägen 14, Nagu. Contact: Phone +358-40-4866822, +358-407651930 , E: info@hotelstallbacken.fi  |  Video > www.youtube.com

The historical Restaurant Stallbacken, is on the first floor of the former Stonebarn dated back in 1886. It's open for everybody, not only Hotel guests. We serve local and popular drinks and meals. The terrace is open from 1 ti 10 PM and you can order dinner from 6 to 9 PM. We close about 10 PM.

A archipelago Island safari with speedboat can be booked 2 days in advance. You can choose Bronze, Silver or Gold package. Pls ask more via the Send a Request form on the last row on our webpage.

-In all our kitchen, purchase, hireing and cleaning procedures we focus on sustainability. Please read more about that on our webpage.

Café CarGott - Nagu market square

Café CarGott - Nagu market square



Marthas Inn & Restaurant

Martha's Inn & Ailis kryddor

Address: Kyrkvallen 6, Nagu.

Nagu Korsnäs Östergård - Sheepfarm

Nagu Korsnäs Östergård Sheepfarm

Sheep farm, agriculture, farm shop, meat products. Address: Korsnäsintie 33 21670 Nauvo. Tel: 040-5621741.
Email: kirsiandersson@hotmail.com.
Facebook: Link to Facebookwww.facebook.com/saaristo...

Gastropub Söder

Gastropub Söder

Address: Sommartorg 2, 21660 Nagu

J-F Service - Nagu

J-F Service was founded in 2006. Metal works, small machine shop, painting work, small excavator work with 2 tons mini excavator, caretakers, bicycle service, remediation work. Address: Brinkasvägen 6, 21660 NAGU. Phone: 0400-857913, mail: fordf350.jfr@gmail.com

Tackork Gård & Marina Oy

Tackork Gård & Marina Oy

Address: Tackorkvägen 31, 21660 Nagu.

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Riitan Pihapuoti - Nagu

Riitan Pihapuoti - Nagu

Old interior design. Vanhan sisustelun herkkupaloja. Address: Parkvägen 5 Nagu,


Jenni's Garden - Nagu

Beautiful Flower Shop in the Nagu market square. Address: Kesätori-Sommartorget 1. Nagu.
Contacts in Facebook (Messenger in FB => "Skicka meddelande").

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Brändi Outlet Shop - Nagu

We are open - Welcome!
Clothes Shop.Women's clothing. Dresses and clothing for women and men at cheap prices.
Special offer: Display "screenshot" of this ad and you will receive a 10% discount on the cash prices. Note! This discount offer is NOT valid/available for our boats.
Address: Strandstigen, near Köpmans Café

Wallmo Aitta Shop - Nagu

Art, decoration and gift shop in the center of Nauvo. The Wallmo Aitta Shop is located just near the guest harbour.
Address: Rantapolku 5, 21660 NAUVO. Phone +358-50 306 3616, email info@wallmo.fi

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Börjes Fisk

Börjes Fisk - Nagu

Winter season. Börje's fish sales are now in the K-market shop. You'll find fresh, smoked, grilled, halved fish. Phone: 0400522689. www.facebook.comLink to Börjes Fisk i FB

Deli shop Bottega

Deli shop Bottega - Nauvo

Nauvo summer market. Deli Shop. Address Kesätori 1. Phone: +358-40 5201308

Prostvik Vårrullar & Nudlar - Nauvo

Address: Nauvo kesätori 1 - Summer square market. Phone: +358(0)45-2709909

Bank services, Supermarkets, Taxi and other services:

Brännskär Nauvo

Brännskär Nauvo

Brännskär. Accommodation - café - sauna - Guest harbour.

Nagu Business Quarter

Nagu Business Quarter

Address: Viksvägen 7. Nagu

Kaivuu & Kuljetus Saarinen Oy Ab

Kaivuu & Kuljetus Saarinen Oy Ab

Address: Granvägen 9, 21660 Nagu 

Kapteenska Shop - Nauvo

Kapteenska Shop - Nauvo Harbour

Nauvon ranta 21660 Nauvo.

BÅTHUSET - Mat & Bar

BÅTHUSET - Mat & Bar

Address: Nauvo guest harbour. Nauvon Rantatie 7.

Nagu pharmacy

Nagu Pharmacy. 

Address: Strandstigen 1, Nauvo. 

Taxi Dan Sipilä - Nagu

Taxi Dan Sipilä

Address: Skogsvägen 14, Nauvo. Phone: +358-400-535579

Alko shop - Nagu

Alko shop - Nagu

Address: Kyrkbacken close to Sale Shop. Ph: +358 20 692 771 Opening times & Products > www.alko.fiLink to Alko Nagu

Nagu OP bank och SOLO automat

Nauvo Andelsbank.

Address: Skärgårdsvägen 4540, 21660 Nauvo

K Market - Nagu

K-Market Nauvo.

Address: Torgstigen 3, Nauvo. 

Nagu Sale market

Sale store - Nagu

Address: Skärgårdsvägen 4532, Nagu. 

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BYPIAS Nauvo Pop-Up shop

BYPIAS Nauvo Pop-Up Shop

Founded in 2012, BYPIAS is a lifestyle concept and a comprehensive experience, where fashion and interior design together form an enchanting, harmonious world

Villa Vintage

Address: Strandvägen, 21660 Nagu. 

Arkkitehtitoimisto Aaro Söderlund Oy

Phone: 358-400857099.
Email: aaro@soderlund.fi
Address: Viksvägen 7 B, FI 21660 Nagu

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