Island of Nauvo - Nagu

Situated in the town of Parainen - Pargas *). The historical sights in Nagu-Nauvo are the grey stone church from the middle ages and the Gyttja district museum.
The island of Själö is also worth -visiting. Today the Archipelago Research Institute operates from here.

The picturesque wooden church reminds us of the time when the island was a place where lepers used to be banished. Your visit will be enriched by a sales exhibition by a large number of handicraft artists and much more.

Nauvo and Gullkrona guest harbours as well as several other natural harbors offer excellent opportunities for boaters during the summer. On Nagu you can take part in fishing and canoe trips, archipelago safaris, and much more adventures offered by the lokal entrepreneurs. 

*) Nauvo island in the town of Parainen - Pargas is the “largest” archipelago town in the world , when five municipalities (Parainen, Nauvo, Korppoo, Houtskari and Iniö) in Finland became one in 1.1.2009. With more than 10 000 islands and islets.

Restaurants, accommodation, hotels, B & B, shopping - Nagu harbour - summer market square, and more...

niinmun ´design


NIINMUN'DESIGN is a Finnish, easy and classic beautiful model of natural materials. Summer shop in Nauvo city, Address Saaristotie 4544, Pargas/Nauvo. Phone +358-40-7561567

BÅTHUSET - Bistro & Bar i Nagu

BÅTHUSET - Mat & Bar -  Nauvo harbour

WE’RE OPEN! Restaurant - Beach Bar. Menu list in our website.
Open time: Monday to Sunday. Welcome!
Address: Nauvo guest harbour. Nauvon Rantatie 7.
Contact: 0408611988 - This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Guesthouse of Backaro

The Guesthouse of Backaro - Nötö

a small, cosy guesthouse located on the island of Nötö within the Archipelago National Park in south-western Finland. Accommodation, B & B. Address: Nötö   Archipelago National Park. Phone: 358(0)50 3603029.

Tori Tapas Shop - Nauvo summer market square

Tori Tapas Shop - Nauvo summer market square

Expert on a wide range of cheese specialties, and much more. Address: summer market square 1 (Sommartorget 1) Nauvo. Puh: +358-50-5725606

Strandkrogen Nagu - Nauvo

Strandkrogen - Guest harbour of Nauvo

Restaurant & Catering. Welcome to Strandkrogen in Nagu - Nauvo center at Hotel Strandbo.
We offer catering and tailor-made private parties according to your wishes.
Address: Nauvon ranta 3, Nauvo. Phone: Minna Ohvo 050-3669842 - email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Kapteenska Shop - Nauvo Harbour

Kapteenska Shop - Nauvo Harbour

Summer Shop. The boat-gas station at Kaptenskans shop also give visitors by boat the possibility of shopping. In our range you will also find coffee, kanelbulle (cinnamon roll) and ice cream. Nauvon ranta 21660 Nauvo. Open summer time. Contact: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Börjes Fisk - Nauvo harbour

Börjes Fisk - Nauvo harbour

Nagu Harbour. Next to Finland's most beautiful archipelago is Börjes Fisk situated. In the summer you will find the fish shop in Nauvo harbour. Find fresh, smoked, grilled and halved fish. Phone: 040 0522689

Nagu Torg / Brännskärs Knuten

Brännskärs Knuten / Nagu torg

Nauvo. Shop - Café - kayaks - sup boards. Address: Strandstigen, 21660 NAUVO. Phone +358-46-5956525

Hotel Lanterna

Hotel Lanterna

Nauvo. Address: Puistotie 5, Nauvo. phone. +358-40-755 1419 . 

Pub Niska Nauvo

Pub Niska Nauvo

Nauvo. Address:  Puistotie 5, Nauvo. Phone: +358-44- 2355 208

Brännskär Nauvo

Brännskär Nauvo

Brännskär. Accommodation - café - sauna - guest harbour - activities. Phone +358 505919401 and +358 407071425

Svanhild Åbonde - Design

Svanhild Åbonde - Design

Summer Shop in Nauvo harbour. Phone +358-40-7588030.

Jennis Garden - Nauvo

Jenni's Garden -Nauvo

Nauvo summer market - Kesätori 1. Nauvo

Deli shop Bottega - Nauvo

Deli shop Bottega - Nauvo 

Nauvo summer market. Deli Shop, daily fish soup and more. Address: Kesätori 1. Phone: +358-40 5201308

Restaurant & Cafe SEO - Nauvo

Restaurant & Café SEO - Nauvo

Nauvo. Café - Restaurant. Address: Puistotie 1, Nauvo. Phone: 358-2-2160111

Köpmans Cafe - Nauvo

Köpmans Café, B&B - Nauvo

Nauvo. Cafe, B&B - Restaurant. Address: Strandstigen 3, Nauvo. Phone: 041 5020290

Hotel Stallbacken

Hotel Stallbacken and Grännäs B & B

Nauvo. Hotel - Restaurant and B&B. Address: Grännäsvägen 14, FIN-21660 Nagu. Phone: 358-(0)40-4866822

 Restaurant L´Escale

Restaurant L´Escale

Nauvo. Our menu is inspired by the French kitchen. Address: Nagustrand 4, 21660 Nagu. Phone: 358-40-744 1744  



Martta's Inn - & Ailis Spices

Nauvo. Hotell - Restaurang - B&B and Ailis Spices.  Address: Kirkkovalli 6, 21660 Nauvo.   phone. 358-(0)40 6329139

Summer shops in Nauvo sommartorg

Summer shops in Nauvo sommartorg

Address: Nagu /Nauvo summer market square 1

CITY-GOLD in Nauvo

CITY-GOLD in Nauvo

Summer shop has opened! Now you will find CITY-GOLD even in Nagu guest harbour! Contact: +358-2-4589777

Hotel Strandbo - Nauvo

Strandbo Hotel - Nauvo

Nauvo. Hotel. Address: Nauvon ranta 3, Nauvo. Phone: +358-50 562 7862 or sales +358-20 733 2020.

Bar & Pizzeria Najaden

Bar & Pizzeria Najaden

Nagu - The restaurant in the night becomes an After-Sail-Bar. Addr: Nagustrand 4, Nagu, Finland. Phone: +358-40-8793630

Argies Burger Nagu

Argies Burger Nagu

Nauvo. Puistotie 2, Nauvo. Phone: +358-400-187915.

Biffi Restaurant

Biffi Restaurant

Nauvo. Address: Kesätori - Sommartorget 2, Nauvo. Phone: +358-50-300 8841.

Gröndahls Bed and Breakfast - Nagu

Gröndahls B&B

An old charming barn dating back to 1912 has now fully been renovated to a modern, two-story B&B. Phone: +358-(0)407 568703, +358(0)400-521655. Gröndahlsvägen 15, Nauvo. Web: www.grö 

Hinders stugor i Nagu

Hinders cottages

Hinders in Nauvo island. Our cottages are traditional Finnish summer cottages with outhouse and sauna. Nauvo . Read more...

Wallmo Aitta.

Wallmo Aitta.

Art and gift shop Wallmo. Address: Strandstigen 5. Nauvo. Phone: +358-50-306 3616

Villa Banken - Holiday apartments

Villa Banken - Holiday apartments

Address: Kirkkopolku 1, 21660 Nauvo. Phone +358-50-3063616

Kaptensgården Nagu

Kaptensgården Nagu

Bed & Breakfast. Situated 12 km from Nagu village. Phone: +358-40-7588030

Köpmans - Godis

Köpmans - Godis

Wonderful gelato, a variety of liquorice, bulk candies, smoothies, small brewery beers and ciders and the like. Nauvo guest harbour.

Vida Interior & more

VIDA - Interior & more

Guest harbour Nauvo - island of Nauvo. Phone +358-0400-316689

Supermarkets and services

Nagu Sale market

Sale Nagu - Nauvo.

Address: Nauvon saaristotie 4532, Nauvo. Phone: 010 7643920

K Market - Nagu

K-Market Nauvo.

Address: Torgstigen 3, Nauvo. Phone: 020 7931150

Nagu OP bank och SOLO automat

Nauvo Andelsbank.

Address: Skärgårdsvägen 4540, 21660 Nauvo Phone: 010 2552810

Nagu Apotek

Nagu Pharmacy. 

Address: Strandstigen 1, Nauvo. Phone: 02 4651414

Nagu Aktia bank

Aktia Bank Nauvo. 

Address: Strandstigen 1, Phone: 010 247010

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