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Visit the island areas included in the Parainen town > PARAINEN > NAGU-NAUVO > KORPPOO > HOUTSKARI > INIÖ

The Island of Parainen

situated in the town of Parainen - Pargas 1*). Limestone has been mined here continuously since the 1300's.  Get acquainted with the district museum, the industrial museum, or the narrow alleways in Gamla Malmen (the old city).

Spend a quiet moment in the sturdy grey stone church. There are round the year services for meetings and holidays.  Coffee shops with an atmosphere, and restaurants guarantee a taste experience.

One guest boat harbour is situated right in the middle of the City. Make a test of Genuine Island Ginger Biscuits. The "Rowlit” music festival and the Pargas-Parainen organ days present international performers.

1*) Parainen island in the town of Parainen - Pargas. Parainen is the “largest” archipelago town in the world , when five municipalities (Parainen, Nauvo, Korppoo, Houtskari and Iniö) in Finland became one in 1.1.2009. With more than 10 000 islands and islets

Pargas Church

Parainen church. Addr: Kyrko-esplanaden 4, Parainen Read more

Pargas map

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Restaurants, Cafes - Accommodation, Hotels, B & B, Shopping - Department Stores - Sports - Training - Health Care - Harbour - Summer Market, etc

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Pargas - Parainen


Link to Sandy Bee Arts

Sandy Bee Arts

Pargas Hembygdsmuseum

Pargas Hembygdsmuseum

Pargas local history museum.The museum consists of about ten buildings that tell about the history of the village for different centuries. Among other things, there is a boatman's village from the 18th century, a farmhouse from the 19th century, a shoemaker's workshop, schoolroom and chamber shop from the 20th century and Kirjala Norrgård's stately manicured building which also served as a guest house. Lenin has stayed overnight.
Address: Storgårdsgatan 13, 21600 Pargas. phone (+385 0)2 458 1452


Handicraft shop Brita - Pargas

Handicraft - Versatile range, ever since 1938 - yarn - embroidery - DMC yarn and more. Address: Köpmansgatan 3, Parainen. Phone: +358(0)41-5392512


Riinallina Eräpohja. 
Organic urns and other furnishings made in the ecological perspective. Contacts: Kauppiaskatu 7, 21600 Parainen. 


Pargas BUSTIS Café & Grill

Pargas Bustis / Matkahuolto.
Café & Grill - Pizza/ Menu / Take Away
Open: Mon-Fre 6-18,
Sat closed, Sun closed

Address: Strandvägen 7, 21600 Pargas


Stormälön Cottages

Stormalo cottages

Stormälö Cottages are situated in the north western parts of the Stormälö island. The place is cozy and peaceful, in the middle of the Finnish Archipelago. The cottages are traditional Finnish wooden buildings that can be used all year around. The nearby beach is very close, but the hill down to the beach is quite steep. Contacts: phone +358442941760 and +358 500 455 218, email: Jennyjoha@gmail.com

Stormälö Camping is located right at Erstan. Especially the sunsets here are magical. The camping area has a shared beach sauna, toilet and laundry facilities. The camping area is only for long-term guests, ie. we rent out places on an annual basis.

All lure fishermen are required to pay a state fisheries management fee and a county-specific fishing fee. No permits are required for angling and ice fishing. With a county-specific lure fishing fee, you can fish in that county when you use only one leisure

Stormälö's Mariina and Stormälö's small Harbour
Small boat harbour area in the northwest of Stormälö Island. Boat dock in the area since the early 70s. Stormälön Mariina has been in business since 1985 and Tapani Johansson joined the company in 1987. Since 2008, Stormälön Mariina has been a family business.

Terapihörnet Paragas


Strandvägen 10, 21600 Pargas


The company was founded in 1992. We make electrical installations for companies and private individuals. We offer electrical installation jobs and also have electrical business operations. Our store is located next to the church bridge right in the center of Parga. Our range in the shop is mainly home appliances, home electronics, fixtures, electrical materials and other small electrical appliances. Address: Runebergsstranden 2 21600 Pargas. Phone. +358(0)2-4585420. E-mail: info@pargasel.fi


City Gold - Pargas

Jeweler. We are located in Pargas, in the middle of the world's most beautiful archipelago. We are investing in self-made design jewelry and on brands from the big world. Our professional goldsmiths will help you. Address: Kauppiaskatu 9, 21600 Parainen. Phone: +358-2 4589777. www.platinoro.fi/design

Visit Björkholm

Visit Björkholm

Björkholm lomakylä 19, 21600 Parainen

MON AMI - Parainen

MON AMI - Pargas

Address: Skolgatan 9. Pargas - Parainen. 

Archipelago Design - Pargas

Archipelago Design

Strandvägen 16, 21600 PARGAS


Gullkrona butik

Gullkrona Shop

Strandvägen 16, 21600 Pargas

Suntti Pargas

Bar & Grill Suntti - Pargas

Our cozy terrace and water view are at our guests' disposal all summer!
Address: Rantatie 3, 21600 Pargas, 


Tre Små Rum - Pargas

Tre Små Rum is a cosy, somewhat different gift- and interiordecoration shop in Parainen

Address:  Köpmansgatan 8, 21600 Pargas

Villa Apollo

Villa Apollo

Events - Meetings - Sauna. Address: Granvikintie 339, Parainen

Restaurant Kamu

Restaurant Kamu

Skräbbölevägen 2, Pargas.

Café Nathali - Pargas

Café Nathali - Pargas

Address: Köpmansgatan 7, 21600 Pargas

Restaurant Hunger & Törst Pargas

Restaurant Hunger & Törst

Address: Strandvägen 1, 21600 Pargas


Axxell in Pargas

Education and training - Address: Vapparvägen 4, 21600 Pargas

Kelovee Pargas

Kelovee Shop

Kauppiaskatu 3, 21600 Pargas. 

Sattmark Cafe

Sattmark Cafe

Sattmark 1, 21600 Parainen.

Solliden Camping

Solliden Camping

Solliden Camping, Aurinkoranta 7, 21600 Parainen. 

Centris Golf

CENTRIS Adventure Golf 

Centris Äventyrsgolf - Seikkailugolf Centris · Parainen. In Parainen City just near Hessburger Pargas. 

Liatris Flower shop Pargas

Flower Shop Liatris

Adress: Köpmansgatan 5, 21600 Pargas. 

Airisto Spa Fishing

Airisto Spa - Pargas

Summer and autumn time! Spa & overnight at Airisto Hill and Airisto Inn, by the sea 40 mins drive from Turku. For Group. Guided fishing trip in the Turku archipelago - Airisto Spa Overnight stay Read more...



Sports Gym. Duvstigen 2, 21600 Pargas

Pizzeria & Kebab Venezia

Pizzeria & Kebab Venezia

Address: Kauppiaskatu 7, 21600 Parainen.

Pargas Kebab Pizzeria

Pargas Kebab Pizzeria

Address: Rantatie 10, 21600 Pargas

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boutique bianca Pargas

Boutique Bianca

Adress: Köpmansgatan 9, 21600 Pargas


Matmalmen @EVA in Pargas

Laid-back and cosy B&B rooms-like beeing at home. Meetings, business lunch or arrange a party-choose us. 12 PopUp dinners with more or less known locals by the pots and pans, follow us on Facebook for info.
Address: Köpmansgatan 4, Pargas. Contacts: Tel +358405764976. matmalmenpargas@gmail.com

Ravintola ParPiz

Ravintola ParPiz 

Address: Keskuskäytävä 1, Parainen. 

Airisto Spa - Event & Party - Accommodation

Airisto Spa - Event & Party - Accommodation

Airisto Spa - Stay - Events - Accommodation. Airisto Spa relaxing Spa. We are the ideal choice for small group meetings and accommodation. Read more...

Kalkholmen Terrace

Kalkholmen Terrace

Strandvägen 1, 21600 Parainen.

Hallonblad Café

Hallonblad Café -Pargas

Storgårdsgatan 1, 21600 Parainen

Fredrikastugan Pargas

Fredrikastugan Pargas

Fredrikaplan 2, 21600 Pargas.

Restaurang Fabriken - Parainen

Restaurang Fabriken

Sementtisatamantie 2. 21600 Parainen.



Strandvägen 32, 21600 Parainen

The CUBE Nightclub Frendi

The CUBE Nightclub

Rantatie 12, Parainen.

Harrys Pub - Parainen

Harry's Pub

Strandvägen 1, Parainen. 



Strandvägen 26, 21600 Parainen

CrossGym Pargas

Sports Gym Pargas

Cross Gym 24h. Voimakatu 6. 21600 Pargas

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Pub Pireus

Pub Pireus

Kauppiaskatu 2, 21600 Pargas.

Qvidja gård

Qvidja Gård - Pargas


Camping Turku archipelago. Camping, Caravan,

Camping Åbo skärgård.

Camping, Caravan, tälplatser. Läs mera...

S-Market - Pargas

S-Market - Pargas

Address: Vapparvägen 3, 21600 Pargas

K-Supermarket Reimari - Pargas

K-Supermarket Reimari

Address: Kyrkoesplanaden 32, 21600 Pargas

Alko - Pargas

Alko - Pargas

Alko. Address: Kyrkoesplanaden 32, PARGAS. Opening times & Products > www.alko.fiAlko Pargas

Ålandsbanken - Pargas

Ålandsbanken - Pargas

Bank. Address: Köpmansgatan 24, 21600 Pargas

Åbonejdens Andelsbank - Pargas

Åbonejdens Andelsbank

Address: Strandvägen 20, 21600 Pargas

Lawyer agency Tom Andersson

Lawyer agency - Tom Andersson

Address: Strandvägen 32, 21600 Pargas

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