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Radisson Blu Marina Palace Hotel - Turku

Radisson Blu Marina Palace Hotel - Turku

A variety of flexible spaces from small meetings to large events up to 400 people. Address: Linnankatu 32. Phone: 358-20-1234710.

Socos Hotel Hamburger Börs Turku

Sokos Hotel Hamburger Börs & City Börs

Hotel, conference and restaurant in the central city area. Address: Kauppiaskatu 6. Phone. 358(0)2-337381

Caribia Hotel Turku

Hotel Caribia Turku

Address: Kongressikuja 1 - Turku. Phones: 358 30 687 4200 and 358 30 687 4300

Hotel Comulus Turku

Hotel Comulus Turku

Address: Eerikinkatu 30 - Turku. Phone: 358-200-48 142

Forum Marinum

Maritim Centre Forum Marinum

Address: Linnankatu 72, Turku. Phone 358-2-267 9511

Best Western Hotel Seaport

Best Western Hotel Seaport

8-45 people konference space. Address: Toinen Poikkikatu 2 Turku. Phone: 358-2-2833000

Restaurant Foija

Restaurant Foija

The restaurant also has a wide variety of facilities niches for special occasions and meetings. Address: Aurakatu 10, TURKU. Phone 358-20-799 4002

Airisto Spa

Airisto Spa - Conference - Meetings and events.

Airisto Spa relaxing Spa. We are the ideal choice for small group meetings and consultations. A spectacular setting right on the beach is an experience in itself. Read more...

Map : Airisto Spa - Parainen

Scandic Plaza - Bryggmans

Scandic Plaza - Bryggmans

Address: Yliopistonkatu 29, Turku. Phone: 358-2-33200

Brahen Kellari

Brahen Kellari Restaurant

Address:Puolalankatu 1, Turku. Phone. 358-2-232 5400

Ravintola Pinella

Restaurant Pinella

Conference - meetings. Address: Vanha Suurtori 2, 20500 Turku.   Phone. 358-2-445 6500

Panimoravintola Koulu

Restaurant Paninmoravintola Koulu

Magnificent rooms for meetings and parties, Address: Eerikinkatu 18, 20100 Turku. Phone: 358-2-274 5757

Smör Ravintola

Restaurant Smör

Ambassadors of local food, masters of Nordic cuisine. Our private dining rooms provide the ideal setting for effective meetings and lively celebrations. Address: Läntinen rantakatu 3, Turku,  Phone. 358-2 -536 9444

Hotel Holiday Inn - Turku
Eerikinkatu 28 Turku. Phone: +358-2-338 211

Centro Hotel
Yliopistonkatu 12 A (courtyard) - Turku. Phone: +358-2-2118100

Hotel Aquarius - Turku region
Kullervontie 11 - Uusikaupunki. Phone: +358-2-8413123.

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Eating out in Turku

Restaurants Archipelago

SPA & BBQ - Turku seaside

Spa & BBQ - Turku archipelago

Right now Spa & accommodation 1200 € / day in Airisto Spa cabins 25 x pers


 Destination Finland Seaside Kb. 


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Metsähallitus - State enterprise




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The Federation of Finnish Enterprises

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