Grill it! Marina - Radisson Blu

Grill it! Marina - Radisson Blu

Grill it! Marina serves up a fresh and inspiring mix of traditional barbecuing and first-class ingredients. The restaurant's secret ingredient is Josper charcoal, which infuses a genuine smoked barbeque taste into premium cuts of meat. Address: Linnankatu 32. Phone: 358-20-1234710.  


Hus Lindman's - Café FIKA

The house, which was built for a bakery in 1830, was renovated to a pleasant café in 2015. For the delicacies, Hus Lindmans is responsible for its own pastries. Address: Biskopsgatan 14, Turku. Tel: 0400 481 306 and 0400 446 100

Tårget restaurant Turku


It would be Friday and a special weekend !! As things stand now we can enjoy the terrace with the weather the whole weekend! Address: Linnankatu 3 A, 20100 Turku, Suomi. Phone: 358 40 0522707

Café Carré Turku

Café Carré

Café Carré is the atmospheric café at the heart of Turku you have to visit. We are looking forward to welcoming you at our cozy café soon! Address: Linnankatu 3 B, 20100 Turku. Phone: 358 50 453 4252

Fontana Cafe Turku

Fontana Cafe

Offer the best lunch in Turku. Taste Fontana’s fresh bakery products baked in our own bakery or enjoy our dinner in a relaxed atmosphere.  Address: Aurakatu 1, 20100 Turku, Finland. Phone: 358 2 2501444

Aussie Bar Turku

Aussie Bar Turku

Address: Itäinen Rantakatu 23, Turku, Phone: 358 44 980 2337 

Restaurang E. Ekblom

Restaurant E. Ekblom

Address: Läntinen Rantakatu 3, Turku. Phone: 02 5369445

Restaurant Blanko,

Restaurant Blanko, 

Address: Aurakatu 1, Turku. Phone: 02 2333966

S Wallin Turku

S Wallin - Turku market hall

Fishmonger & Fish-Restaurant. Turku Market Hall in the middle of Turku. Address: Eerikinkatu 16, 20100 Turku. Phone: 358-2-2624 126.

Fazer Café

Situated on Finland's oldest pharmacy premises at the square in Turku. Offers a culinary experience of modern classical setting. Modernity and tradition meet here in harmony. Address: Aurakatu 10, 20100 Turku, Phone. 358(0)40 826 3606

Restaurant Foija

Restaurant Foija

Meals are served in an atmospheric ambience in Fojas cellar. Also visit our bar at street level. The restaurant has a wide range of facilities for special occasions and meetings. Address: Aurakatu 10, TURKU. Phone 358-20-799 4002

Cafe Qwensel

Cafe Qwensel

Homemade delicacies in the 18th century style. Address: Läntinen rantakatu 13B, Turku. Phone. 358-503950021

Kalimera Foods - Hansa - Turku

Kalimera Foods-Hansa

Address: Hansa quarter. Auragatan 12, 20100, Kultatalo 3:rd floor Turku. Phone: +358-40-8105952

Rax Buffet - Hansa

Rax Buffet - Hansa

Address: Hansa quarter. Aurakatu 12 a, 20100 Turku, Kultatalo 3:rd floor. Phone:+358-207664911

Herkkunuotta - Turku

Herkkunuotta - Turku

Turku. Fishmonger & Fish-Restaurant. Turku Market Hall in the middle of Turku. Address: Eerikinkatu 16, 20100 Turku. Phone: 358-45-1238384

Roots Kitchen Turku

Roots Kitchen - Turku

Turku Market Hall. Adress: Eerikinkatu 16, Turku. Phone: 358-40-7747781 



Turku Market Hall - Address: Eerikinkatu 16, Turku. Phone: 358-45-165 2777

Restaurant Viinille

Restaurant Viinille

Turku. Address: Humalistonkatu 6, Turku. Phone. 358-2-2323314

Restaurant Svarte Rudolf

River boat Restaurant Svarte Rudolf

Turku. Address: Itäinen Rantakatu 13, Turku. Phone 358-2-2504567

Hus Lindman

Restaurant Hus Lindman

Turku. Address: Piispankatu 15, Turku. Phone: 0400 446 100 and 0400 466 800

Höyrylaivaosakeyhtiö s/s Ukkopekka

s/s Ukkopekka a genuin steamship - Turku

The Archipelago genuine passenger steamship s / s Ukkopekka and high-quality charter boats serve you with joy in Airisto archipelago. Address: Linnankatu 38, 20100 Turku. Phone: 358(0)2-515 3300

Wine & Deli


W Wine & Deli, A touch of everyday luxury. Osoite: Eerikinkatu 11 Turku, puh 358-107643340

Restaurant Samppalinna

Samppalinna Turku

We offer a unique framework for successful private events. Address: Itäinen Rantakatu 10, Turku. Phone +358-45-111 4324

Boat Restaurant Cindy Turku

Restaurant Ship Cindy.

Restaurant Ship Cindy, a popular venue for both eating out and meeting friends, is located in the river Aurajoki, in the heart of Turku. Address: Itäinen Rantakatu 19,  Turku . Phone: 358-10-2310 180

Brahen Kellari Åbo

Brahen Kellari.

Friendly, relaxed athmosphere, an excellent blend of Finnish and International flavours as well as cheerful, homelike service. Address: Puolalagatan 1 - Turku. Phone: 358-2-2325400.

Harald´s Viking restaurant

Harald´s Viking restaurant

Harald’s Viking milieu takes you and your friends on a voyage back to the age of the Vikings, where food and drink highlight the festivities. Address: Auragatan 3 - Turku. Phone: 358-44-7668204

Bryggmans Restaurant Turku

Bryggman's Restaurant & Deli

Bryggman’s prime location is the perfect spot to take a drink amongst the vibrant city life. Yliopistonkatu 29/Scandic Plaza - Turku. Phone: 358-2-33202133

CaféArt Turku


located on the Aura River near the Cathedral and the main library. In summer, the 35-seater outdoor terrace directly on the beach under the trees. Address: Läntinen Rantakatu 5, 20100 Turku, . Phone: 358 40 1583383

Restaurant Mami Turku

Restaurant Mami

Fine dining restaurant. Family and vegetarian friendly. Address: Linnankatu 3, 20100 Turku. Phone: 358-2-231 1111

Piece of Cake Turku

Piece of Cake

Located in Turku's Market Hall, a charming patisserie restaurant. Address: Turun Kauppahalli, Eerikinkatu 16 h, Phone: 358-40 735 0337 

Restaurant Smör Turku


The atmosphere in Smör is friendly and casually smart. Address: Läntinen rantakatu 3, 20100 Turku,  phone. 358-2 -536 9444

Restaurant Pinella Turku


New details, decoration and technology are this day and designed to meet modern people's expectations and needs. Address: Vanha Suurtori 2, 20500 Turku.   phone. 358-2-445 6500

Koulu Restaurant Turku

Brewery restaurant School

Brewery restaurant School. On the first floor is the Winestube, History class, the Pub and the brewery itself. Address: Eerikinkatu 18, 20100 Turku. Phone. 358-2-274 5757

Café Helmi Turku

Café  Helmi

Here you can enjoy your breakfast early in the morning or a tasty buffet for afternoon lunch. Address: Tuureporinkatu 11 20100 Turku. Phone: 358-400 208178

Teini Restaurant Turku

Restaurant Teini

Restaurant Teini is a cozy gastropub Bremer. Teini, and Bremer has a shared terrace courtyard, welcome!. Address: Uudenmaankatu 1, 20500 TURKU. Phone: 358-10 231 8444

Pub Niska Turku

Pub Niska

Address: Kristiinankatu 1, Turku. . Puh: 040 7391006

Restaurant Katarina

Boat Restaurant Katarina

Address: Itäinen Rantakatu 25, Turku, Phone: 02-233 1311

Fafa’s Turku

Fafa’s Turku

Address: Hansa quarter, Kultatalo. Address: Aurankatu 12 A. Turku. Phone: +358-50-5672889


Pizzarium - Hansa

Adress: Hansa quarter. Kultatalo 3:rd floor, Aurakatu 12A, 20100 Turku. Phone:+358-50-4105920