Find your perfect stay in Turku!

Looking for a comfortable hotel to stay in Turku City? DFS has some tips here on how and where to find lowest prices accommodation in Turku.

Radisson Blu Turku

Radisson Blu Marina Palace Hotel - Turku

Near the Aura River, this Turku hotel welcomes guests to a convenient city center location, complete with comfortable rooms and thoughtful amenities. Address: Linnankatu 32. Phone: 358-20-1234710. 

Socos Hotel Hamburger Börs Turku

Sokos Hotel Hamburger Börs & City Börs

Hotel, meeting rooms and restaurants in Turku city centre. Address: Kauppiaskatu 6. Phone. 358(0)2-337381

Caribia Hotel Turku

Hotel Caribia Turku

Address: Kongressikuja 1 - Turku. Phone: 358 30 687 4200 ja 358 30 687 4300

Hotel Cumulus Turku

Hotel Cumulus Turku

Address: Eerikinkatu 30 - Turku. Phone: 358-200-48 142

Hotel Omena Turku

Hotel Omena Turku

Address: Humalistonkatu 7, 20100 Turku. Phone:  358 600 555 222

Best Western Hotel Seaport

Best Western Hotel Seaport

Address: Toinen Poikkikatu 2 Turku. Phone: 358-2-2833000