Seaside cottages - Cabins & Accommodation in the archipelago of Turku

Cottages in the  archipelago of Turku

Archipelago of Turku - Airisto Hill

Airisto Spa - Seaside Airisto Hill
 Want a cottage overlooking the sea? With stunning sea views. Do you want to watch as the sun sets on the horizon and be able to enjoy the summer from your outdoor Jacuzzi pleasantly situated in the 60 sq nice terrace? Airisto Hill is newly renovated for year-round use by the seaside. Read more...

Archipelago of Turku - Merirantal

Merirantala Holidays
The island of Sauvo - Karuna. The seaside cottages are suitable and well equipped and create the perfect stay for a successful holiday. Beautiful surroundings.

Archipelago of Turku - Meripesä

Meripesä Holidays
The island of Kemiö. Beautiful surrounding by the sea with a distance of only 50 meters to the sandy beach,

Archipelago of Turku - Hinders

Cottages of Hinders

Nauvo. Comfortable seaside cottages. Beautiful surrounding, Reachable by car.

Archipelago of Turku - Strömma Gård

Strömma Gård
Korppoo. Sex modern spacious cottages fully equipped for year round use.Three individual cottages in a bay of south western Korppoo.

Archipelago of Turku - Villa Constantine

Villa Constantine
Parainen-Mielisholme. Beautiful, fully equiped villa at the seashore. Private sandy 100m long beach. Accessible by car, one short ferry ride

Archipelago of Turku - Wattkast cottages

Wattkast cottages
Korppoo - Wattkast. Comfortable seaside cottages in the Archipelago of Turku - The island of Korppoo. Reachable by car.

Archipelago of Turku - Pensar Syd

Pensar Syd
Pensar Syd. Visit our friendly restaurant. Stay in our cosy apartments or villas for a good nights sleep. Parainen.

Archipelago of Turku - Backaro

Pensionat Backaro
The island of Nötö. Hotel, B & B, guided tours. Backaro is a small, cosy guesthouse located on the island of Nötö within the Archipelago National Park.

Archipelago of Turku - Cottages in Berghamn

Berghamns stugor
Houtskari - Berghamn. Holiday cottages, sport fishing, sauna.

Gästgiveri Martta
Nauvo. Accommodation. Phone:+358-2-4651409

Västergård Bed and Breakfast
Nauvo. Phone: +358-40-5861317

Nauvo. Accommodation. Phone: +358-2-4651900

Grännäs Hotel Stallbacken and Bed & Breakfast
Nauvo. Accommodation. Phone.: +358-40-4866822

Gröndahls stugor
Nauvo. Accommodation. Phone: +358-2-4652117

Hotel Strandbo
Nauvo. Phone: +358-2-4606200

Korpoström - Archipelago Centre
Korppoo. Accommodation, Restaurant. Phone: +358 207 118 722

Faffas Bed & Breakfast
Korppoo. Accommodation. Phone:+358 40 5224306

Korppoo. accommodation. Phone: +358 (0)2-463 1202

Korppoo. Events, accommodation. Phone: +358-40-7213148

Hotel Nestor
Korppoo. Phone +358 400 601 280

Kappelinranta Hotel
Kirjala. Accommodation. Phone: +358-40-179 0017

Hotel Villa Rainer. Hotel
Kirjala. Phone: +358-2-4589077

Villa Apollo - Hotel
Parainen. Accommodation. Phone: +358-40-7767484

Hostel Åbolands Folkhögskola
Parainen. Phone: +358-500-799491    

Camping Pargas Solliden
Parainen. Phone: +358-40-5142354

Hotel Airisto Strand
Parainen. Phone: +358-2-4581300

Hotel Kalkstrand
Parainen. Phone: +358-2-5116 200

Hotel Kasnäs Archipelago Spa
Kimito. Accommodation. Phone: +358-2-4651900

Storfinnhovda Gård
Kemiö - Björkboda. Accommodation. Phone: +358-2-424203

Vestlax Mellangård
Kemiö. Accommodation. Phone +358-50-5621247

Bjärkas Gård Ab
Kemiö. Accommodation. Phone +358-2-427 011

Peti & Puuro
Kemiö. Bed & Breakfast. Phone +358-40-5050912

Ragnar Anton Semesterby
Kemiö. Accommodation. Phone +358-50525348

Kavalton Tila - Hotel
Piikkiö. Kaarina. Phone: +358-2-4750000

Kivitasku Hotel
Kaarina. Accommodation. Phone: +358-2-242 4920

Saariston lomakeskus. Skärgårdens Fritidscenter
Houtskari. Accommodation. Phone: +358-50-3477658

Houtskari. Lärkkulla Skärgård. Phone: +358-40-5593735

Näsby Gästhamn. Guest harbour, bbq-café
Houtskari. Phone: +358-40-7386465

Kittuis Camping & Caravan
Houtskari. Accommodation. Phone. +358-440-534100        

Saariston Lömsö Ab
Houtskari. Accommodation. Phone:+358-400-788433

Stugby Leonella
Iniö. Accommodation, cottages. Phone: +358-400-784 306    

Stugor Keistiö
Iniö. Accommodation, cottages. Phone: +358-400-531169

Stuga Åselholm
Iniö. Accommodation, cottage. Phone.: +358-40-5129305

Juuvannin merenrantamökit
Kustavi - Gustavs. Accommodation, cottages. Phone: +358-400-539916.

Tamminiemen lomamökit - stugor
Kustavi - Gustavs. Accommodation, cottages. Phone: +358-50-3427038

Vuosnaisten meriasema
Kustavi - Gustavs. Accommodation, cottage. Phone.: +358-2-877512          

Naantali Camping
Naantali. Accommodation, cottages. Phone: +358-2-4350855

Tammiston Tila
Naantali. Accommodation, cottages. Phone: +358-44-5104293

Santtiorannan leirintäalue
Uusikaupunki - Nystad. Accommodation, cottages. Phone: +358-2-8423862

Villa Wohde
Uusikaupunki - Nystad. Accommodation, cottages. Phone: +358-440-232324